PreventatIve Maintenance

Avoid Unecessary Costs – Schedule Preventative Maintenance Today

PM- helps to minimize breakdowns and excessive depreciation. Preventative maintenance can be compared to a service schedule for a vehicle.

  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Increases life expectancy of your cleaning equipment
  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs
  • Reduced cost of repairs by reducing secondary failures. When parts fail in service, it can result in damaging other parts.

We at JAN-SAN Equipment know the importance of keeping your equipment in top notch running condition. Whether you require a major overhaul or just a minor tune up, our company is pleased to offer top quality mechanical service both in shop and on site.

We keep a large parts inventory and equipment supplies on site – offering continued support and service for repair and maintenance for all your floor cleaning equipment and specialized needs, ensuring that your operation runs smoothly at all times.

We customize our maintenance programs to suit your specific needs.

“At JAN-SAN Equipment, we don’t expect your business, we EARN it”

Battery Charging and Maintenance

Machine Maintenance

To keep machine in good working condition, simply follow machine's daily, weekly and quarterly maintenance procedures.

FOR SAFETY: When servicing machine, unplug cord from wall outlet.


(Every 4 Hours of Operation)

  1. Check filter bag for fullness, replace bag as needed.  Do not reuse paper bags.  Inspect optional cloth bag for tears or holes, replace if damaged.
  2. Remove entangled debris from brush.
  3. Inspect vacuum hose for damage and clogged debris.
  4. Inspect power cord and strain relief for damage.  Replace if necessary.
  5. Wind power cord around cord hooks rather  than loosely looped over handle.
  6. Clean machine housing with an all purpose cleaner and damp cloth.


(Every 20 Hours of Operation)

  1. Remove secondary filter and tap or blow off dust build-up, filter is located below filter bag.  Do not clean with water.  Replace filter if needed.
  2. Remove exhaust cover and inspect exhaust filter.  Replace filter if needed.
  3. Inspect brush bristles for wear.  If bristles are worn to 14mm (0.56 in.) or less in length, see Brush Maintenance.


Check motors for carbon brush wear.  Replace brushes when worn to a length of 10mm (0.38 in.) or less.

Contact an Authorized Service Center for carbon brush inspection.

FOR SAFETY: When servicing machine, unplug cord from wall outlet.

FOR SAFETY: When servicing machine all repairs must be performed by a qualified service person.


If brush bristles are worn to 14mm (0.56 in.) or less, rotate the bearing blocks to extend brush life as follows:

FOR SAFETY: When servicing machine, unplug cord from wall outlet.

  1. Remove metal brush shoe from brush base (Philips screwdriver is required).
  2. Remove brush assembly.  Grip brush on opposite side of belt and pull outward.
  3. Inspect drive belt(s) for wear; replace if necessary.
  4. Rotate both bearing blocks 180° and reinstall brush.

NOTE: Brush bearing blocks are labelled with numbers.  To extend brush life, position label "2" outwards when reinstalling brush.

  1. Replace metal brush shoe after brush is properly installed.